Totalizing Flow Meters

Totalizing Flow Meters are sophisticated instruments used to measure and display the cumulative amount of fluid that passes through the meter over time. They provide a running total of the volume, mass, or quantity of a liquid or gas that has flowed through a system since the meter was last reset.

Various types of fluids (including liquids such as water, oil, and chemicals) and gases (natural gas and air) run through totalizing flow meters, which can be either mechanical or electronic. Mechanical totalizers use gears and dials while electronic totalizers utilize digital displays and sensors.

Totalizing Flow MetersTotalizing Flow Meters are used in a variety of industries and applications, including water treatment plants, oil and gas production, chemical processing, food and beverage production, and HVAC systems. Many totalizing flow meters can be integrated with control systems and data logging devices to monitor and record flow rates over time. They can also be equipped with communication protocols for remote monitoring and control.

Modern Totalizing Flow Meters offer high accuracy and repeatability, making them suitable for applications where precise measurement is required.

Florite’s 990X and 991R process controllers play a crucial role in maintaining accuracy and displaying flow meter measurements. Easy to operate and program, handling up to eight flow meters at once, these instruments manage a wide range of fluid types and viscosities. They consistently provide valuable data for process monitoring, operational optimization, billing, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Whether it’s measuring and monitoring the flow of high purity water for semiconductor manufacturing, maintaining precise measurement records for Biopharmaceutical production, or ensuring ingredients are accurately added into an industrial mixer, Florite process controllers and monitors are the go-to solution for cross-industry applications that require accuracy and reliability of measured data.

Our Private Label Program

Our Private Label Program

Unlike other Private Label Programs, Florite provides all the advantages of Private Labeling with the additional benefit of software customization. By matching our capabilities to your specific Process Control requirements, you can extend your product line with time-tested, field-ready instruments that do exactly what you need them to do. The result is a customizable, off-the-shelf platform with minimal development costs and speed-to-market.

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