InfoRAD Corp. Chooses Florite International’s 990X-MFC Mass Flow Controller

InfoRAD Corp. Chooses Florite International’s 990X-MFC Mass Flow Controller

When South Korea-based InfoRAD Corp. needed power supply, display, and set-point control for their Teledyne Hastings Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs), Florite’s four-channel Model 990X-MFC filled that need… and more.

InfoRAD’s challenge was to find a highly reliable, highly accurate power supply, display, and set-point controller, that was readily available in a reasonable time frame. With ongoing worldwide supply chain shortages, this last requirement was a potential deal breaker.

The Model 990X-MFC has become the go-to choice for most major Mass Flow Controller manufacturers.

It plays a critical role in batch and blending control, both of which are essential to InfoRAD’s operations.

The standard 990X instrument, when configured for MFC applications, has numerous advantages that
spoke directly to infoRAD’s current applications. According to InfoRAD, these factors sealed the deal:

  • The 990X-MFC provides power to each connected MFC while simultaneously displaying each
    MFC’s four set-point (SP) and process variable (PV) signals are on a single screen.
  • The 990X-MFC allows for remote set-point control, totalization, rate, batch, and blending
    control, ensuring comprehensive control over our gas flow processes.
  • The 990X-MFC includes standard RS-232 serial and optional Modbus communication protocols.
  • The 990X-MFC has a .001 accuracy, or as accurate as the MFC provides.
  • And finally, the 990X-MFC can be ready to ship in 4-6 weeks from the date of order.

Collaborating with infoRAD has developed into a mutually beneficial relationship. Florite is pleased to say that we have become a valued asset, helping to streamline their processes while providing precise control over their Teledyne Hastings Mass Flow Controllers.

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Streamline your gas flow processes with Florite’s 990X-MFC – The ultimate power supply, display, and control solution.