Coastal Instruments and Florite to supply MFC power.

Coastal Instruments and Florite to supply MFC power.

Florite is a supplier of Mass Flow Controller Display – Power Supply – Set-Point Controller

At Coastal Instruments, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch calibration services and secondary sales for a wide range of Mass Flow controller manufacturers. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to seek out reliable partners who can enhance our offerings and meet the wide-ranging needs of our clients. That’s why we turned to California-based Florite International. Florite has proven to be an outstanding supplier, addressing our specific requirements, and helping us exceed customer expectations.

One of the primary ways Florite has solved our needs is by allowing us to offer their Model 990X as an accessory to our existing MFC product line. We were able to expand our offerings and provide a comprehensive solution to our customers. The Model 990X-MFC provides power and display, enables set-point control, batch and blending control, all while ensuring versatile and reliable operation for our clients.

Florite’s Model 990X-MFC has become an integral part of our in-house calibration services. The instrument’s capabilities and accuracy have significantly contributed to the precision and reliability of our calibration processes. This has enabled us to provide more accurate and consistent results to our customers, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted service provider.

Coastal Instruments has found numerous benefits in partnering with Florite over other companies. Their competitive pricing has allowed us to offer cost-effective solutions to our customers without compromising quality. The exceptional build quality of the Model 990X-MFC ensures long-term durability and reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing downtime for our clients. Florite’s commitment to maintaining high standards of accuracy and availability aligns perfectly with our own dedication to customer satisfaction.

Coastal Instruments highly recommends Florite as a supplier of Mass Flow control instruments. The Model 990X-MFC has provided us with an excellent solution for our clients’ needs, offering superior performance, accuracy, and versatility. We are grateful for the positive impact Florite has had on our business and look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the future.

Parker and Florite team up for Mass Flow Control

Parker and Florite team up for Mass Flow Control

Worldwide manufacturing conglomerate Parker Hannifin has a longstanding relationship with Florite International. Since 2008, the two companies have teamed up on industrial applications to provide innovative Mass Flow – Controller technologies. Semiconductor, Life Sciences, and Chemical Industrial Processing industries have all benefited from this 15-year association.

Florite supports the following Parker Mass Flow Controllers:

• X-Flow Mass Flow Controller

• Series II Standard Mass Flow Meter

• Series II Standard Mass Flow Controller

Parker’s CM-100 and CM-400 MFC Power Supply/Control Modules provide power, display, and set-point control in both single-channel and four-channel configurations. By partnering with Florite’s Private Label Program, Parker has been able to apply their brand to Florite’s high-accuracy 990X and 991R process automation controllers.

We are very proud of the longstanding Florite – Parker collaboration. We look forward to the continuation of this mutually beneficial relationship and the continued positive impact we have had on industrial applications.

Contact Jordan Ulch to see how Florite can assist with your MFC applications!


Florite Offers Data Logging For Mass Flow Control (MFC) Market

Florite Offers Data Logging For Mass Flow Control (MFC) Market

For Immediate Release:

Valencia, CA | July 07, 2023

Florite International, an American provider of microcomputer-based electronic instruments for the Process Control industry, has announced today that for the first time, all 4-channel Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) will include an optional Data Logging functionality.

Until now, Florite’s on-board data logger could read various types of electrical signals for applications such as flow, pressure, level, and temperature processes. The addition of an onboard data logger for our 4-channel MFC instrument allows Mass Flow applications to benefit from seamless data logging operation, storing the totalization and flow in internal memory for later download to a computer.

Logging can be initiated directly from the unit as well as from Florite’s proprietary Control Center software, free to Florite customers. An internal real-time watchdog process inserts a timestamp into the present record set when power has been lost or is interrupted – assuring records continue sequentially after power is restored.

“Data Logging functionality has long been a legacy feature of our Florite pressure models,” said Florite CEO Jordan Ulch“, so it’s exciting to be able to add this valuable capability to our 4-channel MFC units.”

For more information on Florite instrumentation’s interoperability with sensors controlling Flow, Mass Flow, Pressure, Temperature, and Level visit:

About Florite, International:
Florite has a 30-year history of creating programmable instruments capable of providing both visibility and control over R&D and manufacturing processes. By connecting seamlessly with readily available sensors, monitor and control functionality become a part of the process itself. As an American original equipment manufacturer, we combine software and hardware that addresses the needs of critical Process Control manufacturing systems. Our fully configurable instrument lines are widely known for their reliability, accuracy, and ease-of-use. All Florite electronics are designed to provide off-the-shelf compatibility with most sensors in current use today. For additional information visit

Jordan Ulch – CEO
818-994-3454 x 200

InfoRAD Corp. Chooses Florite International’s 990X-MFC Mass Flow Controller

InfoRAD Corp. Chooses Florite International’s 990X-MFC Mass Flow Controller

When South Korea-based InfoRAD Corp. needed power supply, display, and set-point control for their Teledyne Hastings Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs), Florite’s four-channel Model 990X-MFC filled that need… and more.

InfoRAD’s challenge was to find a highly reliable, highly accurate power supply, display, and set-point controller, that was readily available in a reasonable time frame. With ongoing worldwide supply chain shortages, this last requirement was a potential deal breaker.

The Model 990X-MFC has become the go-to choice for most major Mass Flow Controller manufacturers.

It plays a critical role in batch and blending control, both of which are essential to InfoRAD’s operations.

The standard 990X instrument, when configured for MFC applications, has numerous advantages that
spoke directly to infoRAD’s current applications. According to InfoRAD, these factors sealed the deal:

  • The 990X-MFC provides power to each connected MFC while simultaneously displaying each
    MFC’s four set-point (SP) and process variable (PV) signals are on a single screen.
  • The 990X-MFC allows for remote set-point control, totalization, rate, batch, and blending
    control, ensuring comprehensive control over our gas flow processes.
  • The 990X-MFC includes standard RS-232 serial and optional Modbus communication protocols.
  • The 990X-MFC has a .001 accuracy, or as accurate as the MFC provides.
  • And finally, the 990X-MFC can be ready to ship in 4-6 weeks from the date of order.

Collaborating with infoRAD has developed into a mutually beneficial relationship. Florite is pleased to say that we have become a valued asset, helping to streamline their processes while providing precise control over their Teledyne Hastings Mass Flow Controllers.

Contact Jordan Ulch to see how Florite can assist with your MFC applications!

Streamline your gas flow processes with Florite’s 990X-MFC – The ultimate power supply, display, and control solution.