Dual Batch Control

Innovative Universal Batch Control Instrumentation Florite Batch Controllers – When Simple Operator Control & High Accuracy Are Required

As the leader of innovative, technically superior, high accuracy universal process control instrumentation solutions Florite offers a wide range of reliable batch control instrumentation, software, and engineering services to fit a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial applications.

Model 994 – A Compact Universal Multi-Channel Batch Controller
The Model 994 is a compact innovative, technically superior, reliable multi-channel (1-2 batch processes simultaneously) automated batch controller enabling the use of any manufacturer?s flow meters and actuators accompanied by a two year warranty. Moreover, the Model 994 batcher is precisely configured and priced based on a specific applications requirement. Moreover the Model 994’s universal screw terminal input and output cards enables the use of any manufacturer?s flow meters and actuators.

The Model 994 incorporates rate metering and dual totalizing per channel, an on-board data logger, easy step-by-step menu navigation and instrument programming, multiple audio/visual alarms, standard RS-232 serial port, additional LWAN communication options, and a large back-lit graphic display for easy viewing of all four batch processes simultaneously. The Model 990 has a technically superior quick-tune PID control function enabling the control of real-time flow during batch processes. Using the quick-tune PID function in conjunction with the large back-lit display the operator can make (in-flight) changes to batch volume quickly, safely and easily. This instrument comes with a full two year warranty.


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September 12, 2015