“Our N920 does everything the 700 does… but embedded!” -- Janet P.|“N920s are perfect for managing our Flow control processes.” -- Roger D.|“I love our N920s!” -- Sandy F.

Florite Model N920 universal process controller
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Model N920

The Florite Model N920 is an embedded version of the 900 Series instrument, incorporating user selectable digital and analog inputs, as well as analog and relay outputs. The N920 is useful for a variety of commercial, industrial, and general instrumentation applications to control mass gas, fluids, pressure, temperature and other vital process variables.

Installation and Operation – Extensive built-in self-test and diagnostics enable quick and easy installation. Onboard non-volatile memory retains accumulated and programmed information over 100 years without a backup battery.

Features Overview

  • System Card Mountable Design
  • .005% High Accuracy
  • Digital and Analog Input/Output
  • Standard PID, Batch, and Dose Control
  • Dual Totalizer and Rate Metering
  • Easy Menu Navigation and Programming
  • LWAN (modem) Operation and Reporting

Florite n920

Useful for a variety of commercial, industrial, and general instrumentation applications to control mass gas, fluids, pressure, temperature.


Displays and Indicators

  • Easy Eye Backlit Display
  • Process Measurement and Alarm Status
  • Audio and Visual Alarm Indicators

The Model N920 features a high contrast backlit display with multicolored front panel LED’s that indicate quantity totalizer states, flow rate, report state, and WAN status with standard on-board audio indicator.

Process Control Capability

– Limited Process Control – Attended and Unattended Measurements – Value monitoring

Information Reporting – Onboard Data Logging – Real-Time Clock-Calendar – Programmable Report Selection with Auto-Routing – Programmable Clock or Alarm Instigated Reports

Data Communication – Built-in RS-232 Serial Communication Port – Multiple Unit Networked Operation – Serial Data Packet Error Controlled – Remote Serial Computer Control – LWAN (Modem) Communication

Alarm Services – Multiple Audio/Visual Alarm Functions – Local and Remote Alarm Reporting – Operation and Maintenance Service Time

Programmability Set-Points – Quantity – Time in service – High/Low Process Rates/Values – Clock-Calendar Time

Special Functions – Keypad Security – User Programmable Measure Units – Selectable Digital and Analog Inputs – Analog Input-Output Range Scaling – Non-Volatile Memory Retention – Digital Low Pass Filtering

Compliances – CE Class B, RoHS, REACH, FCC 15 Class B, FCC Part 68

Measured Values Process Input – Any Wave Form Process Quantity – 099,999,999.99 Process Rate – 0.009,999,999.99 units/time Service Time – 05,535 hrs Clock Date-Time – day:month:year:hrs:min:sec Day-Time – Date Time day:month:year:hrs:min:sec Next Report – day:month:year:hrs:min:sec

Program Values Control Functions – Monitor Port Select – Fixed Process Input – Pulse, Hz Rate Time Base – sec/min/hrs Process Output – Pulse, Relay Hi/Lo Rate Limits – 0.00-9,999,999.99 units/time Quantity 1,2 Limits – 0.00-99,999,999.99 units Time Limit – 0-65,535 hrs Measure Type – Quantity and Rate Measure Units – 3 chars, a-z, 0-9, A-Z, and other symbols

Pulse Constant – 1-999,999 (pulse/qty ratio)

Communciation Port Select – Sio/Wan, Report/Alarm Network Address – 0-65,535 Wan Numbers – 2 each 16 chars (0-9, *, #, A, B, C, D, T, P) Auto-Answer – 0-255 rings Date-Time – day:month:year:hrs:min:sec Report Start – day:month:year:hrs:min:sec Report Frequency – 0-999 sec/min/hrs/days/months

Configuration On/Off – Secure keypad, Error control, Batch, Dose, Report, Decimal, Serial Error Control, Std/Max Protocol Calibration – Factory defaults

Controls and Indicators Keypad – Six key soft-touch – CHAN (RST2), QTY, PROG (F2), VIEW (F1), ZERO/TARE (RST1), RATE Display – Liquid crystal nematic 2×16 alphanumeric dot matrix gray 20 view Audio – Magnetic 2.0 KHz 85db @ 10 cm Lamps – LED Qty/Rate/Time tri-color

Input Port Interface – 3.5mm three conductor plug sleeve=gnd ring=signal tip=excitation Digital Pulse – 0-18.396 KHz accuracy -0.01% 0.5bit, 0-24V range 2.4V threshold (typ) z-in 47K hall effect open collector TTL/CMOS dry contacts Excitation – 5.0V 50mA or external regulated supply voltage

Output Port Interface – 3.5mm three conductor plug Relay – 1 Form A (B option) 28 VAC 1.0 A carry 0.5A switch 1KV iso sleeve=no/nc tip=com

Control Performance Batch, Dose Deviation = +/-50 [Rate/36 + 2/Pulse Constant]/Quantity %

WAN Port RJ-11 FCC Subpart H modem full duplex V.22bis

Local Serial Port 3.5 mm audio stereo plug EIA/TIA 232D (RS-232C) full duplex 2400bps sleeve=gnd ring=txd tip=rxd

Value Memory Non-volatile error detect eerom 100 year retention without power, capacity=64×8 (extrnl)/512×8 (intrnl), 1.0 ms/x 10^6 write

Diagnostics Memory check sum, installation, local serial, WAN communication

Power Required 2.1 mm center pos 10-16 VDC std (10-24V opt) US 110-130 VAC 50/60 Hz adapter with Europe 220VAC (option) Consumption – 0.60 watts @ 12V (lamps on – no options) Date-Time Clock – Battery 1216 3.0V 35 mA/hr lithium 9 years

Environment Operate 0-55C, 0-95% RH non-condense, ship/store 20 to 85C, 30 min warm to rated accuracy

Enclosure NEMA 4X front panel/surface mount, ABS, gray, UL94V0 (option)