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900 Series

The Florite 900 Series is an economical one loop microcomputer-based instrument incorporating user selectable digital and analog inputs, as well as analog and relay outputs. The 900 Series has been designed to provide unattended precision multi-parameter process control, measurement, monitoring, and data communication for a variety of commercial and industrial applications including liquid and gas flow measurement.

Installation and Operation – Extensive built-in self-test and diagnostics enable quick and easy installation. Non-volatile memory retains accumulated and programmed information over 100 years without a backup battery.

Features Overview

  • .005% High Accuracy
  • Digital and Analog Input/Output
  • Standard PID, Batch and Dose Control
  • Dual Totalizer and Rate Metering
  • Onboard Data Logging (optional)
  • Easy Menu Navigation and Programming
  • LWAN (modem) Operation and Reporting

Florite model 900 series

Designed to provide unattended precision multi-parameter process control, measurement, monitoring, and data communication.


Displays and Indicators

  • High Contrast Backlit Display
  • Process Measurement and Alarm Status
  • Audio and Visual Alarm Indicators

The 900 Series features a high contrast backlit display with multicolored front panel LED?s that indicate quantity totalizer states, flow rate, report state, and WAN status with standard on-board audio indicator.

Process Control Capability

– Limited Process Control – Attended and Unattended Measurements – Value monitoring

Information Reporting – Onboard Data Logging – Real-Time Clock-Calendar – Programmable Report Selection with Auto-Routing – Programmable Clock or Alarm Instigated Reports

Data Communication – Built-in RS-232 Serial Communication Port – Multiple Unit Networked Operation – Serial Data Packet Error Controlled – Remote Serial Computer Control – LWAN (Modem) Communication

Alarm Services – Multiple Audio/Visual Alarm Functions – Local and Remote Alarm Reporting – Operation and Maintenance Service Time

Programmability Set-Points – Quantity – Time in service – High/Low/Average Flow Rates – Clock-Calendar Time

Special Functions – Keypad Security – User Programmable Measure Units – Selectable Digital and Analog Inputs – Analog Input-Output Range Scaling – Non-Volatile Memory Retention – Bessel Measurement Filtering

Compliances – CE Class B, RoHS, REACH, FCC 15 Class B, FCC Part 68

Measured Values Process Input – Volts, mA, Hz, Ohms Process Quantity – 099,999,999.99 Process Rate – 0.009,999,999.99 units/time Process Offset – 0.009,999,999.99 units/time Service Time – 065,535 hrs Clock Date-Time – day:month:year:hrs:min:sec Day-Time – Date Time day:month:year:hrs:min:sec Next Report – day:month:year:hrs:min:sec

Program Values Control Functions – PID, Batch, Dose, Manual, Monitor Control Amount 0.00 9,999,999.99 units Port Select – Input, Output, Off Process Input – Volts, mA, Hz Rate Time Base – sec/min/hrs/scalar Process Output – Volts, mA, Relay Hi/Lo Rate Limits – 0.00 9,999,999.99 units/time Quantity 1,2 Limits – 0.00 99,999,999.99 units Time Limit – 0?65,535 hrs Rate Filter/PID Response – Bessel 0 to ?20 dbHz Measure Type – Quantity and Scalar Measure Units – 3 chars, a-z, 0?9, A-Z, and other symbols

Pulse Constant – 1-999,999 (pulse/qty ratio) Interpolate Input/Output – Value Low/High=0-999,999.999 V/mA/Hz/ohm Units Low/High=0.00 9,999,999.99 units/time Rate Alarm Valid – 0-255 sec Process Offset – 0.00 9,999,999.99 units/time

Comm Port Select – Sio/Wan, Report/Alarm Network Address – 0 65,535 Wan Numbers – 2 each 16 chars (0-9, *, #, A, B, C, D, T, P, ?, ) Auto-Answer – 0 255 Date Time – day:month:year:hrs:min:sec Report Start – day:month:year:hrs:min:sec Report Frequency – 0 999 sec/min/hrs/days/months

Configuration On/Off – Logging, Secure keypad, Pager, Error control, Compression, Port program lock, Alarm latch Calibration – Analog input and output, Factory defaults

Controls and Indicators Keypad – Six key soft-touch – CHAN (RST2), QTY, PROG (F2), VIEW (F1), ZERO/TARE (RST1), RATE Display – Liquid crystal nematic 2×16 alphanumeric dot matrix gray 20 view Audio – Magnetic 2.0 KHz 85db @ 10 cm Lamps – LED Qty/Rate/Time tri-color

Input Port Interface – 3.5mm three conductor plug or screw terminal plug (option) sleeve=gnd ring=signal tip=excitation Digital – 0-18.396 KHz accuracy 0.01% 0.5bit Pulse – 0 24V range 2.4V threshold (typ) z-in 47K hall effect open collector TTL/CMOS dry contacts Magnetic – 0.007vrms to 35Vp-p psuedo-sinuoid, balanced differential z-in 10K (max) sleeve=shield ring=coil1 tip=coil2 Analog Voltage – 0 10.000V z-in 10.0K accuracy 0.005% (typ) stability 30ppm/C 0-4.096V z-in 15 meg (typ) accuracy 0.002% (typ) stability 30ppm/C Analog Current – 020.000mA z-in 88.7 ohm accuracy 0.005% (typ) stability 30ppm/C Excitation – 5.0V 50mA or external regulated supply voltage

Output Port Interface – 3.5mm three conductor plug or screw terminal plug (option) Analog Voltage – 0?10.000V z-out 1.0 ohm accuracy ?0.005% (typ) stability ?10ppm/?C sleeve=neg ring=n/c tip=pos Analog Current – 0?20.000mA source z-out > 2.0 meg ohms accuracy ?0.005% (typ) stability ?10ppm/?C sleeve=neg ring=n/c tip=pos Relay – 1 Form A (B option) 28 VAC 1.0 A carry 0.5A switch 1KV iso sleeve=no/nc tip=com

WAN Port RJ-11 FCC Subpart ?H? modem full duplex V.22bis

Local Serial Port 3.5 mm audio stereo plug EIA/TIA 232D (RS-232C) full duplex 2400bps sleeve=gnd ring=txd tip=rxd

Value Memory Non-volatile error detect eerom 100 year retention without power, capacity=64×8 (extrnl)/512×8 (intrnl), 1.0 ms/x 10^6 write