Worldwide manufacturing conglomerate Parker Hannifin has a longstanding relationship with Florite International. Since 2008, the two companies have teamed up on industrial applications to provide innovative Mass Flow – Controller technologies. Semiconductor, Life Sciences, and Chemical Industrial Processing industries have all benefited from this 15-year association.

Florite supports the following Parker Mass Flow Controllers:

• X-Flow Mass Flow Controller

• Series II Standard Mass Flow Meter

• Series II Standard Mass Flow Controller

Parker’s CM-100 and CM-400 MFC Power Supply/Control Modules provide power, display, and set-point control in both single-channel and four-channel configurations. By partnering with Florite’s Private Label Program, Parker has been able to apply their brand to Florite’s high-accuracy 990X and 991R process automation controllers.

We are very proud of the longstanding Florite – Parker collaboration. We look forward to the continuation of this mutually beneficial relationship and the continued positive impact we have had on industrial applications.

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