Our Guarantee


100% Customer Satisfaction

Florite proudly stands behind all of its products and services. We are dedicated to creating customer loyalty by ensuring our customers an experience of 100% satisfaction.

PCI Data Security Standard Compliant
We securely store Visa and MasterCard account data in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI Data Security Standard). For detailed information about how we ensure such compliance.

Charges for Your Purchases
Please remember that regardless of the payment method you choose, you will not be billed until your order is fully assembled and shipped to you from our factory warehouse accompanied by a commercial invoice.

Shipping Charges
Shipping charges depend on the particular shipping method you choose when specified on your purchase order. If no method has been defined, our default shipping method is via UPS Ground service and will be billed upon shipment PP&A.

Tracking Your Order From Start To Finish
When your order ships we will send you an e-mail indicating your order has shipped. Tracking your order is easy, simply go to the Florite Order Tracking enter your purchase order number.