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Model 990X

The Florite Model 990X is a high quality microcomputer-based controller suitable for any commercial or industrial application. Configurable channels enable a mix of up to eight inputs and/or outputs regardless of signal type. Unlike standard fixed instrument platforms, any standard sensor signal can be quickly connected directly to the Model 990X allowing the user to select from a vast number of sensor and control products.

Installation and Operation – Set-up and operation is performed via keypad or by using the standard RS-232 serial communication port provided with every Model 990X. The user simply configures the various programmable values needed to achieve the required application performance. Florite?s Model 990X does the rest.

Features Overview

  • Menu Driven Graphic Controls
  • Mix Up To Four Independent I/O Channels (or mix up to eight independent I/O ports)
  • Measurement Accuracy to 0.01%
  • Instrument Keypad and LWAN Remote Operation
  • Input Measurements: Digital, Current, Volts
  • Output Controls: Relay, Current, Volts
  • Total Self Auto-Diagnostics on Every Power-up

Florite model 990x

High quality and reliable microcomputer-based controller suitable for any commercial or industrial application.


Displays and Indicators

  • Large Graphic 8×40 High Contrast Backlit Display
  • Backlight Intensity Control
  • Process Measurement and Alarm Status
  • Audio and Visual Alarm Indicators
Process Control Capability? – Batch Quantity Deliveries? – Quick-Tune Closed Loop PID? – Proportional Mixing?

Information Reporting – Onboard Data Logging – Real-Time Clock-Calendar – Programmable Report Selection?with Auto-Routing – Programmable Clock or Alarm?Instigated Reports

Communications – Built-in RS232 Serial Communication Port – Multiple Unit Networked Operation – Serial Data Packet Error Controlled – Multiple Network Access Addresses – Remote Serial Computer Control

Alarm Services – Dual Independent Input Quantity Alarms – Operation and Maintenance Service Time – Rate-Value High, Low, Inclusive, Exclusive,?and Detection

Special Functions – Keypad Security – User Programmable Measure Units – Selectable Quantity-Rate Time Base – Universal Independent Input-Output Scaling

Zero-Tare Capabilities – Zero Any One or All Measured Values – Rate-Value Offset Tare

Mounting Options – Panel Hardware – Table Top Hardware – Rack Hardware

Compliances RoHS, CE, FCC Part 15 Class A, FCC Part 68, UL & CSA pending

Technical Specifications
Control Functions – Monitor, Batch, Blend, PID, Manual
Process Rate – 0.00?9,999.99 unit/time-base
Measure Type Rate – Total, Scalar
Totalize Range – 0?99,999,999.99 units
Process Input – Digital, Current, Volt
Process Output – Current, Volt, Relay

Programmable Values
Port Select – Off, Input, Output
Rate Time Base – scalar (none), sec, min, hrs, day
Rate Set-Point – 0.00?99,999,999.99 units
Batch Set-Point – 0.00?99,999,999.99 units
Blend Set-Point – 0.00?9999999.999%
Rate-Value Filter – 1.0-20 sec 10%-90%
PID Response – 1.0-20 sec
Input Signal Interpolate – Lo-Hi Value=0-10.000/20.000
Lo-Hi units=0.00?9,999,999.99
Output Interpolate – Lo-Hi Value=0-10.000/20.000
Lo-Hi units=0.00?9,999,999.99
Pulse Signal Interpolate – 0.00?9,999,999.999 pulse/qty ratio
Measure Units – 5 Chars (a-z, 0?9, A-Z, other)
Quantity 1, 2 Alarm – 0.00?99,999,999.99 units
Rate Hi-Lo Alarm 0.00?9,999,999.99 units
Service Time Alarm 0?65,535 hrs

Global Functions
WAN Addresses – Dual 16 characters
Answer Rings – 0?255 (WAN option only)
Network Address – 0?65,535
Serial Port Functions – Sio-Wan-Lan, Report-Log-Alarms
Date?Time Clock dd-mm-yy, hrs-min-sec
Report/Log Frequency 0?999 sec-min-hrs-day-month

Display – Graphic Backlit LCD 8×40 180x65mm
Keypad – 8 metal dome tactile -[Select-Prog] [Back] [Home-Start] [Stop] [Up]?[Down] [Left] [Right-Alt]
Audio – 2.0 KHz, 85 db @ 10 cm

Input Interface
Channels Isolation – >85 dbv (nom)
Interface – 1×3 plug signal gnd excitation DA15S option
Excitation – Vr (4.096V?0.01%) +5v Vpwr @ ~25mA max?Digital Pulse
– 0?24 V threshold 2.4V (typ) Zi~10K pulled to +5V
– >20KHz ?0.001% hall, open collector 5V cmos switch contacts
Analog Voltage – 0?10.000V ?0.10% Zi~10.0K DA15S sense compensated
Analog Current – 0?20.000 mA ?0.10% Zi=100 ohm
Analog Resistance – 0-0.2M ohms

Output Interface
Interface – 1×3 plug signal gnd aux-signal DA15S option
Analog Voltage – 0?10.000V ?0.10% Z<0.25 ohm
DA15S option sense compensated
Analog Current – 0?20.000mA ?0.10% Zo~2M sourcing
Relay Rating – Form C 28 VDC-vac 1.0A Isolated 1KV
Aux Signal – -4.0V to +8V @ -/+ 4.0mA
Power Control – 2.0 Amps Max.

Serial Ports
Sio – EIA-TIA232D fdx D9S
Wan – USOC RJ-11 tip-ring FCC Subpart H fdx WAN option
Lan – EIA-TIA485 multi-drop master-salve option 10-100 Ethernet option

Value Memory
Nvram – 8Kx8 non-volatile parallel
Eerom – 512×8 non-volatile 100 yr retention, Eerom 256Kx8 non-volatile serial log option
Static ram – 1Kx8 parallel, Static ram 32×8 serial battery backed

Power Required
Volts-Power – 12?24 VDC 2.0w (without options)
Jack Unipolar – 2.12.5mm 2A5A center pos UL/CSA
Plug Bipolar – DE9P 5A rated UL/CSA
Battery – Lithium 3.0V 12mm 35 mA-hr 9 yr operate date-time clock option

Operating Environment
Operation – 0?55?C 0?95% RH non-condensing
Ship-Storage – ?20? to +85?C 0-95% RH non-condensing
Warm Up – 3 sec typical to rated accuracy

Mounting Accessories
Tabletop Hardware
Rack Mount Hardware
Panel Mount Hardware


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Model 990X

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