To say that Florite International and LAM go back a long way would be an understatement.
When LAM Research, now a multi-billion-dollar innovator in the global semiconductor manufacturing space, decided 25 years ago to put their faith in a small, family-owned process control company, it was just the beginning.

The remarkable longevity of this relationship is based on trust and Florite’s ability to deliver product quality and reliability. In fact, LAM’s “Copy Exact” requirement means that Florite guarantees the exact material and component selection delivered every time.

Year after year, LAM has continued to specify and build Florite instruments into many of their new systems, due in part to the well-established measurement accuracy of Florite instruments. High accuracy has made Florite a crucial component of LAM’s Electrochemical Deposition (ECD) process, a critical application used in semiconductor manufacturing.

We are honored to continue providing LAM Research with the essential instrumentation they in turn use to support their clients around the world.

About Florite, International:
Florite has a 30-year history of creating programmable instruments capable of providing both visibility and control over R&D and manufacturing processes. By connecting seamlessly with readily available sensors, monitor and control functionality become a part of the process itself. As an American original equipment manufacturer, we combine software and hardware that addresses the needs of critical Process Control manufacturing systems. Our fully configurable instrument lines are widely known for their reliability, accuracy, and ease-of-use. All Florite electronics are designed to provide off-the-shelf compatibility with most sensors in current use today. For additional information visit