Florite instruments meet the needs of the

Food & Beverage

industry with precise blend and batch capabilities.

Food & Beverage Processing

florite-industry-food-beverageFlorite precision instruments successfully meet the needs of the Food & Beverage industry. Accurate monitoring of ingredients and conditions is critical to the reliable processing of materials in this demanding business sector. Connect your process sensor to work seamlessly with the Model 990X’s Batch, Dose, and Rate Control functions. In a single unit, the Florite 990X includes alarm, transmitter, and monitor functions making it one very powerful analytic control tool. Find out more about the Florite microcomputer-based controller Model 990X.

Customization: That’s The Florite Advantage
Florite instruments are designed to provide the functionality your job requires. The ability to customize both software and firmware means our instruments are completely configurable. When the heat is on, rely on Florite to provide the right solution for your process-critical applications.

Food & Beverage Industry Clients include: