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Valencia, CA | July 07, 2023

Florite International, an American provider of microcomputer-based electronic instruments for the Process Control industry, has announced today that for the first time, all 4-channel Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) will include an optional Data Logging functionality.

Until now, Florite’s on-board data logger could read various types of electrical signals for applications such as flow, pressure, level, and temperature processes. The addition of an onboard data logger for our 4-channel MFC instrument allows Mass Flow applications to benefit from seamless data logging operation, storing the totalization and flow in internal memory for later download to a computer.

Logging can be initiated directly from the unit as well as from Florite’s proprietary Control Center software, free to Florite customers. An internal real-time watchdog process inserts a timestamp into the present record set when power has been lost or is interrupted – assuring records continue sequentially after power is restored.

“Data Logging functionality has long been a legacy feature of our Florite pressure models,” said Florite CEO Jordan Ulch“, so it’s exciting to be able to add this valuable capability to our 4-channel MFC units.”

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Florite has a 30-year history of creating programmable instruments capable of providing both visibility and control over R&D and manufacturing processes. By connecting seamlessly with readily available sensors, monitor and control functionality become a part of the process itself. As an American original equipment manufacturer, we combine software and hardware that addresses the needs of critical Process Control manufacturing systems. Our fully configurable instrument lines are widely known for their reliability, accuracy, and ease-of-use. All Florite electronics are designed to provide off-the-shelf compatibility with most sensors in current use today. For additional information visit

Jordan Ulch – CEO
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