Application Spotlight:
Flow Meter Sensors


got flow?

The Dairy Industry has flow. The Brewery Industry has flow. Even the Wine Industry has flow. If you’re part of the Food & Beverage Industry, or the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Automotive, Water, or Petrochemical Industries (to name but a few), then you likely utilize Flow Metering to monitor and control your manufacturing processes. There is an impressive array of flow sensor choices on the market today. Manufacturers like Proteus, Malema, Burkert, Equflow, AW-Lake, Yokogawa, Badger Meter, GF Signet, Gems, and Lake Monitors would be on anyone’s short list. The question is which monitor/controller is the right choice to pair with your application-specific sensor?

Florite 990X

The answer is Florite’s highly-accurate, field-tested line of instrumentation. With the built-in flexibility of up to 8 ports to mix-and-match I/O while providing the excitation power that runs your sensors. If your application utilizes Flow Metering, consider Florite’s entry-level 700 series, single channel 991R, or top-of-the-line 990X instrumentation for monitoring, controlling and powering up your Flow Sensors. READ MORE about our Flow Metering capabilities. There’s only one way to flow: Florite!

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