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About Florite International, Inc.

Florite International, Inc. was established in 1989 with the expressed purpose of creating programmable instruments capable of providing both visibility and control over R&D and manufacturing processes. By connecting seamlessly with readily available sensors, monitor and control functionality become a part of the process itself.

Process Control professionals responsible for critical manufacturing systems understand the inherent need for accurate monitoring instrumentation. Florite’s M2C2 Model (Measure ∙ Monitor ∙ Communicate ∙ Control) was designed to address this key requirement. The result is a line of fully configurable Universal Process Control instruments that deliver a combination of high accuracy and straightforward implementation with field-tested reliability.

Today, Florite’s capabilities have expanded to meet the needs of a growing industry with an international reach. A combination of talent and experience makes the Florite in-house team a formidable resource for sustaining enhancements and developmental innovation:

Software / Firmware Design and Engineering:

Florite’s software and firmware engineering staff enable us to develop the unsurpassed embedded control systems we offer, networking software, and higher-tier software control systems. With experience ranging from Military and Aerospace software to Network Protocols, Florite’s software expertise more than matches our hardware capabilities.

Electrical and Test Engineering:

Florite’s Electrical Engineers provide our company with the ability to develop advanced system electronics requiring analog, digital, power, and automated testing. With a knowledge base that spans industries as diverse as medical, aerospace, industrial process control, and compliance, Florite is innovating for the future.

Production and Manufacturing:

Rounding out the design-to-completion cycle, Florite’s Director of Manufacturing directs instrumentation builds, calibrations, and QA processes. Standard builds, as well as variations, are carefully documented to maintain consistency across all instrument lines.


Florite. Process Control by Design. Proudly Made in America.

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Florite Earns ISO 9001:2015 Certification

May 11, 2022