Pressure Measurements

pressure gaugeTo control pressure, you must be able to monitor and measure it. The better the measurement, the more accurate the desired outcome.

Physics 101: pressure is the measure of a force on a particular area.

pressure measurement physics


Units of Measurement

In the US, the unit of measure is pounds per square inch or psi. The Pascal is used to describe one newton of pressure per square meter with 1 Pascal = 0.0001450377 psi. Bars are the measurement of choice for measuring atmospheric pressure in many European countries. Torr measurements are relative to 1 mm Hg.Florite Pressure Unit

Pressure Sensors and Gauges

Pressure sensors that connect at specific process points work mainly in one of three measurement modes:

Absolute – uses zero (vacuum) as a reference point.

Gauge – references atmospheric pressure.

Differential – uses the delta between two different pressure points in the system.

Vacuum-pressure control in semiconductor process equipment, for example, requires pressure information from various vacuum gauges. Managing the system’s different control functions means that multiple inputs and outputs can be monitored and controlled for automated gas switching, control of purge-reactant gas flow, wafer transfer, or control of vacuum pressure.

Industrial Use

Food pressure packedGauge pressure sensors are the most widely used for industrial purposes such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refrigeration, and sanitation. Differential pressure sensors are commonly used in clean rooms. Absolute pressure sensors are used in vacuum pumps and in the food packaging industry.


Pressure Parameters

Although the parameters for handling pressure will vary by process, the ability to monitor, measure, or control pressurized media such as air, gases, liquids, or hydraulics can make or break a system. Maintaining a steady pressure may be vital to monitoring your process. A closed system that encounters a precipitous pressure change should set off alarms for the user.  

Florite has created two instruments that handle these and other parameters with ease.


Capabilities of Florite 990X and 991R

Florite 990X and 991R Florite’s Multi-channel and Single-channel microcomputer-based controllers are specifically designed to work with a wide range of pressure measurement instruments (transducers). The configurable channels of the 990X enable a mix of up to eight inputs and/or outputs, including input signal types such as 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, 10 mv/V, and -5-5Vdc. Supported output signal types include 4-20mA, 0-10V, and Relays. Quick connections allow users to select from a vast number of sensor and control products.

Key Features

  1. Works with single use or multiple use sensors
  2. Data log-capable for greater process traceability
  3. Provides up to 5 volts excitation voltage for sensor power
  4. Uses most pressure units of measurement 
  5. Programmable, configurable, high accuracy
  6. Operates via keypad or RS-232 Serial connection using a standard terminal or Florite Control Center
  7. D-15 or Screw Terminal pressure sensor inputs available
  8. Compact size with Tabletop, Panel, and Euro Rack mount options

For controlling, monitoring, and measuring pressure, think Florite! Find out more about our 990X and 991R Pressure Sensor-capable instrumentation.

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