Flow Meter Sensor Applications

Florite International’s programmable instrumentation provides important monitor/controller capabilities for a wide range of Flow Meter Sensor applications. Flow Meters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed with one purpose in mind: to measure the flow of a specific volume of liquid over time. Whether the liquid is actually water, water-like or something considerably more viscous than water, there are different ways to achieve the same goal.

Flow Meter Sensor ApplicationsFlow Meter sensor types range from Magnetic to Paddlewheel to Rotary, all the way to Liquid Turbine and Ultrasonic Flow Meters. Sensors can work with liquids conveyed via a pipe under controlled conditions, or in an open-channel flow setting by way of a weir or flume.

Industries, where Flow Meters are commonly utilized, include Food & Beverage (Brewery, Dairy, Wine), Pharmaceutical (Chemical Synthesis), Semiconductor (Ultrapure Water Measurement), Automotive (Paint and Finish), Water (Fluoride Dosing), and Petrochemical (Custody Transfer). These are just a few examples of the many industries that utilize Flow Rate Sensors.

The Basics

The most common Flow Meter type is the Paddle Wheel. It consists of three main components: the paddle wheel sensor, the pipe fitting and the monitor/controller. The sensor uses a freely rotating wheel with embedded magnets which is perpendicular to the flow. When using water or water-like fluids, the wheel rotates when inserted into the pipe fitting.
florite fluid flow
As the magnets in the blades spin past the sensor, the paddle wheel meter generates a frequency and voltage signal which is proportional to the flow rate. The faster the flow, the higher the frequency and the voltage output.

Flow displays and controllers receive the signal from the paddle wheel meter and convert it into actual flow rate or total flow values. The processed signal can be used to monitor or control the process, generate an alarm, and send signals to external equipment.


The Florite Component

It’s true there are many excellent Flow Meter Sensors to choose from, depending on your application. What’s also true is that a high-accuracy Monitor/Controller provides the third critical component necessary to complete the Flow Meter picture.

Florite’s entry-level Model 700, mid-level single-channel 991R, and top-of-the-line four-channel 990X microcomputer controllers have been field-tested since 1989 to complement your Flow Rate sensor set-up. With 8 ports to choose from, the 990X has the capacity to mix and match any combination of its input and outputs. This feature makes for one extraordinarily versatile monitor/controller.

The combination of sensor and monitor/controller is only as accurate as the least accurate component. With Florite instrumentation, you can expect an overall accuracy of .075%.

Irrespective of how the sensor measures the flow, Florite Monitor/Controllers can read raw input signals (Pulse, Frequency, 0-10V, 0-20mA) and then provide usable engineering information.

If your application requires control functions, these instruments provide for Relay, 0-10V, and 0-20mA output signals. Every unit comes with an RS-232 Serial Communication port. And they provide excitation power to the sensor. Now that’s something to get excited about!

The 990X and 991R supply a range of 12-24 Vdc power, depending on the requirements of the sensor.

The 991R and 990X feature high contrast, backlit graphic displays which allow users to view real-time process variables and the programmed set point for each connected device right from the home screen. This enables the user to rapidly identify and make in-process adjustments in seconds. Audio and visual indicators provide immediate status information for rates and diagnostic operating conditions.

Standard processes include Rate Metering, Dual Totalization per input, and Batch-Dose-Mix Control. Florite instrumentation works under ultra low-flow conditions with an upper-end Process Rate of 0.00 – 9,999,999.99 unit/timebase.

When you say Flow Rate, think Florite! Our Monitor/Controllers are the perfect companions to your Sensor hardware.

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Our Private Label Program

Unlike other Private Label Programs, Florite provides all the advantages of Private Labeling with the additional benefit of software customization. By matching our capabilities to your specific Process Control requirements, you can extend your product line with time-tested, field-ready instruments that do exactly what you need them to do. The result is a customizable, off-the-shelf platform with minimal development costs and speed-to-market.

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