Florite Control Center

Florite’s programmable Process Control instrumentation includes a serial connection port to communicate with PCs. This capability is now fully realized with the creation of the Florite Control Center: a software tool developed by Florite with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that has a huge benefit for our customers.

Main Control Center Window

Computer Interface

To better serve our customers, Florite has created a computer interface that makes getting the most out of our instruments both effortless and intuitive. The seed of this idea was planted by a question posed by one of our customers: “How can we capture log data once a month via the serial port?” After surveying our clients, we discovered that many had their own application to handle this task. Florite’s solution – a logging interface app – successfully addressed this customer’s specific need. Eventually, it evolved into a fully functioning GUI. Control Center was born out of this experience.

The purpose of the original app was to simply read logging information and capture data over time. The goal of the new interface would be more expansive: from just capturing data to being able to program the units themselves. This comprehensive GUI would help our customers to better understand the scope of our product.


As stated in the included User’s Manual, the Florite Control Center application provides user-based viewing, programming, and logging functions. For the first time, customers are able to utilize a computer interface designed by Florite’s in-house software team to add visibility and utility to Process Control functionality. By serially connecting your Florite instrument to a PC via USB to RS-232, a wide range of capabilities become possible. Two modes of operation are available: Unit Operations and Data Logging.

Unit Operations

Control Center provides a window into the unit configuration and functionality. The Unit Operations component allows users to read and modify input-output port configurations. Users can get input values for quantities and rates on a user-designated timed interval.

Unit Operations computer interface

These values can then be cleared from within the application itself. In addition, batching (for all configured ports) and blending functions can be performed right from the interface. Now both batch and blend sequences can be run without ever touching the instrument.

Although port assignments are typically made during the build and test phase, users now have the ability to re-assign ports by channel. From input to output if desired, or both turned off completely. Although these assignments are not altered for most applications, the possibilities of reconfiguring on-the-go have the potential to open up brand new possibilities.


Serial Command GuideTucked away at the bottom of the main Unit Operations window is a not-so-hidden gem. With the provided Serial Command Guide, users can now program Florite instruments from within the computer interface. This document distills the various commands that can be found within Florite’s on-line documentation into a virtual map for making changes or modifications on-the-fly. Everything from port type to decimal point parameters to measure units can be addressed via Command Center’s programming function.

Data Logging

Until now, data logging has been possible via an in-unit, internal capability with data saved and stored locally over time. For users who want access to accumulated log data, this method is still a useful option. Control Center’s Embedded Data Logging functionality allows visibility to data that has been stored in the enabled unit.

Control Center?s Embedded Data Logging interface

In contrast to embedded logging which, once begun, cannot be interrupted until completion, the real-time Software Data Logging option allows users to choose a timed interval. As with Florite internal data logging, captured values can be imported and saved in spreadsheets.



  • Unit type and model number identified
  • Values and results can be exported, saved and printed
  • Reassignable Ports and Channels
  • Hands-free batch and blend
  • Guided Programmability
  • Embedded data logging
  • Real-time software data recording
  • 6-page User’s Manual
  • Serial Command Guide


Bottom Line

The Florite Control Center computer interface is a true game-changer in terms of visibility, programmability, and functionality. Contact Florite today to see how Control Center can help your Process Control operations.

Our Private Label Program

Our Private Label Program

Unlike other Private Label Programs, Florite provides all the advantages of Private Labeling with the additional benefit of software customization. By matching our capabilities to your specific Process Control requirements, you can extend your product line with time-tested, field-ready instruments that do exactly what you need them to do. The result is a customizable, off-the-shelf platform with minimal development costs and speed-to-market.

Contact us for more information about Florite's Private Label Program.