Batch Control

Batch Control is the process of introducing a specific quantity of material – solid, gas, or liquid – into a system, based on a defined, preset value. A key feature of Florite’s 990X programmable instrument line is the ability to handle multi-channel batch control processes.

Batch Control diagram

Measurement accuracy is particularly important in industries such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and food & beverage, where even small variations in the production process can impact product quality, safety, and cost.

Florite’s Batch Control function is known for its .01% accuracy, compared to the closest competitors’ range of 2-3%. The Model 990X can run up to four batch processes simultaneously, with configuration and operation managed by included Florite Control Center software.

Florite Batch Controllers offer several benefits in the manufacturing process, including:

Industrial Process Batch Control

1. Improved Product Quality: Batch controllers ensure that the process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, and level are maintained within the desired ranges, leading to consistent product quality.

2. Increased Productivity: Batch controllers can automate the production process, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimizing errors, leading to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and lower costs.

3. Recipe Management: Batch controllers can store and recall recipes for different products, allowing for easy and consistent production of different batches, saving time, and reducing the likelihood of errors that can occur when manually adjusting process variables.

4. Data Logging and Analysis: Florite Batch controllers can record data on each batch, allowing for detailed analysis and troubleshooting if necessary. This data can be used to identify trends and optimize the production process, leading to further improvements in efficiency and quality.

5. Regulatory Compliance: Batch controllers can help ensure that the production process meets regulatory requirements by maintaining accurate records of the process variables and ensuring that each batch is produced to the desired quality standards.

If you’re not using Florite instruments for your Batch Control applications, you may want to consider making a switch to the most reliable, highest-accuracy instruments on the market today.

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