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Florite Process Automation Control Instrumentation

Process Control In The Palm Of Your Hand

Programmable control instruments for Process-Critical accuracy.

Measure – Monitor – Communicate – Control

The four parameters of Florite’s M2C2™ Model are the basis for everything we do. Our customizable instruments are designed to accurately provide the information that 21st century manufacturing relies on.

Whether your process requires flow (mass, liquid, gas), pressure, temperature or level sensors, Florite has the instrument that puts the control where it belongs: right in the palm of your hand.

Serving R&D, Manufacturing, and Production since 1989.

Pressure Sensors work seamlessly with Florite instruments. Information is accessed locally using the display and standard serial port, or remotely using the internal or external WAN interface.

Temperature Sensors quickly connect to the Florite 990X. Its highly configurable, screw-type terminal channels enable up to eight inputs and/or outputs regardless of the signal type you’re using.

Flow Sensors connect with Florite’s model 700 instruments to perform important tasks like fluid rate alarm measurements. Flow stops when a rate which exceeds a precise threshold is detected.

Level Sensors work with the Model 990 to transmit liquid level information to both remote and local computers. The 990 reliably compares the outgoing fluid delivery to a pre-programmed limit.

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